At Athens Oral & Facial Surgery, we provide treatment for patients of all ages for many skin conditions including facial mole removal.

Cosmetic mole removal is a procedure to remove bothersome or unsightly moles that are large, dark, bumpy, or located in a highly visible area of the body like the face. Individuals who wish to have a mole removed may consult with Dr. Medel regarding their options for a surgical procedure to remove the mole and ensure the avoidance of irregular lines, scarring, and skin discoloration.

If Dr. Medel feels as though your facial mole may relate to skin cancer, we may choose to biopsy the area to confirm a diagnosis. When caught early enough, removing a mole can curb your risks of skin cancer development.

The mole removal procedure may be relatively simple or complex depending on the mole itself. The first step in removal is to use local anesthetic, then cut around the mole and a small area of skin surrounding it once numb. Dr. Medel will create a clean incision line and remove the necessary amount of tissue to ensure complete removal of the mole from your skin. The area of skin where the mole was removed will scab over and recovery following your Athens area mole removal will be fairly easy and painless.

For more information on facial mole removal in Athens, Texas, contact Athens Oral & Facial Surgery today to schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Medel.